Welcome to the beautiful, lonely island of NYSNO - a place for lost and forgotten things, perhaps for you as well…
A Walking Simulator
Uses (modified) nature assets from the Painterly Nature Pack by Shapes.hu Includes foley audio downloaded from FreeSound.org Music composed by Great West Aerodrome and Joe Ondrak 3D Models Created In Sketchup Make World created and rendered in Unity 3D Includes some standard assets created by Unity Technologies Uses free textures from FreePBR.com Uses Narrate dialogue tools created by Glassed Studios Uses Hx Volumetric Lighting created by Hitbox Team Development supported by the Year 938 art and transmedia collective NYSNO is strictly donationware you will never be charged to download or play
In open development on itch.io

NYSNO is supported by Year 938 - an art and hypermedia collective based in sunny Brighton, in the UK

A network of mutual support and collaboration - facilitating new and experimental pieces.

Inviting new members from around the UK, irrespective of creative area or discipline.